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Aqua Purification offers free basic home and well water testing with fast, accurate results in most local areas.

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very friendly, and super affordable....didn't have a lot of extra money to spare, but the salesman worked with us. so we were able to get a water softener at a price we could afford. we have had one service performed, to change out the filters. and the serviceman was very friendly and fast. my over all experience was pleasant. i would highly recommend them to any one out their needing a water softner.

Tabitha A.

I have been using Aqua Purification for 11 years now and they are always so kind and helpful to questions I have or service I need. My husband and I are getting older and they bring out filters we need or mail them to us so we don't have to make a trip. The servicemen are very informative and I am never left unsatisfied. My kinetico system is great makes a huge difference in the quality of water and I wouldn't want any other company than Aqua Purification.

Sheila D

After reviewing various water softening brands, I chose Kinetico for my home due to its very low mantenance, long life and no electricity needed. A week after the installation, not only do my dishes and laundry come out cleaner but I also don't need to go out and purchase any more bottled water. The only thing I regret is not doing this earlier. An Aqua Purification representative visited my home and clearly demonstrated that I needed this. Turns out that I did - great job on the install too.

I built a custom home here in Bastrop and moved in over Thanksgiving. Before moving in I researched several water softening systems and decided on Kinetico. I contacted Aqua Purification in Victoria. Their representative talked to me on the phone a couple of times and then came down during construction to do a water test. We talked about the different options and I made my decision. In addition I purchased an RO system for my drinking water. Coffee and juices are excellent. I have had the system for almost a month and it is great. I love the fact it uses on demand water pressure and does not need electricity to operate. I have recommended this system and Aqua Purification to several of my friends.

Pat M.

…you are concerned about how your water tastes, smells or leaves your skin and hair feeling after a shower.

…you worry that your water may not be safe to use for you and your family.

…you are concerned about contaminants in South Texas water that may be in yours.

…there are issues with contaminants in your well water and you would like to know how to treat it.

Aqua Purification offers free basic home and well water testing with fast, accurate results in most local areas.

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