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CP Series

CP Series softeners take advantage of Kinetico’s 45-plus years as an innovator in water treatment. Our classic twin tank design ensures that your business gets as much quality soft water as you need, whenever you need it. Whenever the softener needs to regenerate, it seamlessly switches to the other tank.

The demand-operated, non-electric valve regenerates the resin based on actual water use rather than a timer or computer, so you save on salt and wastewater. Our soft water, countercurrent regeneration process maintains the softener’s resin integrity for longer, so you experience less downtime for maintenance.


Out of all of Kinetico’s Commercial water softeners, Hydrus softeners are the most powerful and versatile. Several Hydrus Series softeners and filters can be combined in one system to meet demand and treatment requirements, and the whole system can be managed by one Hydrus Smart Start controller.

Compact Commercial Water Softener

A compact commercial system ideal for space-restricted commercial applications with high-flow rates (up to 17 gpm).

  • Durable, compact cabinet design with integrated brine drum Twin tank design provides a continuous supply of treated water
  • High temperature compatibility within cabinet design—up to 160ºF
  • Variable meter ranges allow for extreme low- or high-flow sensitivity
  • Casters allow the unit to be moved
  • Variable quick-connect adapters simplify installation procedures
  • High-efficiency ion exchange resin, as well as packed bed, counter current configuration yields high effluent quality along with lower salt usage
  • Extremely low waste volumes

Hydrus Water Softener

The only multi-port commercial valve that uses countercurrent, soft water regeneration right out of the box. Powered by Kinetico’s breakthrough lightweight 2″multiport Hydrus™ valve, the Hydrus™ Series uses up to 40 percent less salt and reduces wastewater by up to 30 percent.

  • Simple operation for ease of use
  • Modularly expandable, allowing for additional tanks to meet future increased flow requirements
  • Elite Smart Start, the most advanced controller on the market today
  • High-flow distributors provide minimal pressure loss
  • Dual-layer under-bedding improves water distribution, increases salt and water efficiency, and reduces pressure loss
  • Only multi-tank softener system certified to NSF-44 standards